Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

Keep your boiler healthy with a boiler service offered throughout Stoke on Trent, Cheshire and Stafford

An annual boiler service is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your boiler and keep it running safely. M & M Plumbing and Gas Services Ltd brings a competitively priced boiler service in which we carry out an in depth inspection of your boiler. 

Book your annual service today with the Gas Safe heating engineers at M & M Plumbing and Gas Services Ltd by calling 07796144882 or selecting the button below.

Choose a Gas Safe registered engineer for your boiler service

It’s a legal requirement for all heating engineers to have a Gas Safe registration and when it comes to a boiler service it is paramount. A Gas Safe registered engineer will be trained and qualified to spot boiler faults and issues early. You can find M & M Plumbing and Gas Services Ltd on the Gas Safe Register website

Advantages of an annual boiler service

There are many advantages to a frequent boiler service which will make owning a boiler less stressful. The affordability of an annual service makes booking your boiler in a no-brainer! Below we've touched on the benefits of regularly servicing your boiler:

 Save money on your annual heating bill

After getting a new boiler installed, you will see an inevitable rise in your monthly heating bills as your boiler ages. This is largely in part to wear and tear throughout your boiler system that decreases the efficiency of your boiler system. Annual servicing slows down this process and keeps your annual bills lower for longer. 

 Keep your family and home safe 

The risk of carbon monoxide and gas leaks from your boiler is unfortunately still present even in modern boiler systems. During an annual service, checks will be carried out to ensure that your boiler is not at a high risk of these leaks and to help prevent future leaks from occurring. It’s highly recommended that you own a well-placed carbon monoxide alarm to protect you and your family. 

 Prolong the life of your boiler 

It’s a fact that a regularly serviced boiler has a much higher chance of lasting longer. By keeping on top of wear and tear of your boiler and stopping any developing faults, you are delaying the cost of an expensive replacement. 

Expert boiler maintenance products Adey

As Adey product experts, we are able to bring top of the range boiler maintenance product such as Magnaclean filters designed to keep your boiler clear from the build-up of sludge, limescale and debris in your boiler. 

Book a boiler service in Stoke on Trent, Cheshire, Stafford or surrounding areas

For tried and tested boiler servicing call M & M Plumbing and Gas Services Ltd today on 07796144882 or send a message through our fast and easy contact form. We carry out boiler servicing in the areas surrounding Stoke on Trent,  Cheshire and Stafford including Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach, Alsager and Middlewich.

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